CCT100AS - Shrink Tube Kit

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Power Probe heat shrink tubing is the ideal way to create a tight, professional finish on any wire, hose or cable management project. Once shrunk, the tubing will hold its reduced state, even in elevated temperatures. Typical applications for the heat shrink tube include electrical insulation, termination, splicing, cable bundling, color coding, strain relief, wire marking, identification, mechanical protection, corrosion protection, abrasion protection and moisture and weather sealing.

• Adhesive lined for water and air tight seal.
• Extra thick wall for durable insulation.
• Shrinking temperature at 176 ºF.
• Shrinkage ratio: 3:1.
• Ideal for Strong, Weather Tight Seals.
• UL Approved.
• Cutting method: Scissors or sharp knife.

Available Sizes:
• 1/8” x 3.5” • 1/4” x 3.5” • 1/2” x 3.5” 3/16” x 3.5” • 3/8” x 3.5” • 3/4” x 3.5”